Cardano & Emurgo – One of the Top Open-Source Blockchain Platforms

Cardano is a famous public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully decentralized and open
source. This project is evolved out of modern scientific philosophy and offers a plethora of practical
applications, including ADA trading and the Daedalus wallet.

Emurgo, a Japanese-based company, leverages the power and features of Cardano ecosystem to add value to
ADA holders and help companies in the process of adopting Cardano’s blockchain ecosystem. Emurgo
drives practical use of the Cardano blockchain and focuses on four key areas.

What Actually is Emurgo?

Emurgo is a company that offers two key types of projects: for once, they aim to drive practical use of
blockchain technology using Cardano’s blockchain. Second, they want to spread the usage of ADA token.
Through these two objectives, they want to get closer to their main objective of delivering high-quality
financial services to over 3 billion people worldwide.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is an open-source blockchain that includes smart contracts and cryptocurrency. This software uses
an advanced protocol of a type never seen before that is totally based on a scientific and academic approach.

There are 3 main organizations behind the Cardano project: Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, and IOHK.

Things Needed to Spread Cardano & Blockchain Worldwide?

There are basically three important things needed to promote blockchain all around the globe. First, clear
laws and regulations around blockchain must be developed. Second, reliable technology needs to be used.
Third, there is a need for practical use cases that show how blockchain is helping companies get real results.

In 2019, as more practical use cases of blockchain are coming to attention, the blockchain industry will
thrive more than ever before.

Emurgo focuses on expanding the blockchain ecosystem through business and aims to drive blockchain
adoption in the business domain.

Things Needed to Bring Blockchain to the Business World

There are three things needed in order to Emurgo to be able to bring blockchain to the business world.

The first is a mechanism to incubate new blockchain businesses. This involves the actual accelerator
program developed by Emurgo, together with events they are holding such as hackatons, and so on.

The second is building a talent pool. They need to create documentation for developers and to provide
education to facilitate core understanding of blockchain principles.

Third, they need to create a strong community around blockchain. They need to have a proactive social
media approach and host a vast array of meetings such as conferences, hackatons, and meetups.

What is Possible with Blockchain?

In today’s modern world, blockchain is perfect for recording important data, securing it, transferring values,
run smart contracts, etc. Even in the area of recording data, blockchain can prove itself quite useful. For
instance, you could use blockchain to keep records of stocks, real estate, and optimize the data.

All data written on the blockchain cannot be edited by a third-party, so it is highly reliable. For example, a
coffee manufacturer takes coffee beans, processes them and sells them to a wholesale company. The end
product in the form of coffee arrives to the end user. With blockchain, the manufacturer can guarantee that no
impurities will be introduced in the coffee, and the final product is genuine.

Blockchain enables financial institutions to record important data and enjoy an automated ability to transfer
data. It also helps companies to transfer value and non-currency overseas, almost instantly, with no
additional costs.

Blockchain can also be used to program smart contracts and to execute them automatically when pre-set
values have been met. Trading institutions and companies can program automatic payments which are
totally transparent and safe from cyber-attacks.

What can Offer Emurgo?

Emurgo can use blockchain to change the infrastructure of our society in innovative ways. This emerging
company is offering guidance to important actors on the market and offers enablement for blockchain

As a blockchain specialist, Emurgo begins by formulating a business strategy. They have a lot of ideas from
third-parties. They have long brainstorming sessions in order to create the best outcome. Then they develop
specific strategies for companies, taking into account the various uses of blockchain.

They have been involved in blockchain strategy for over 4 years and they have a great deal of practical
experience on how to formulate practical strategies that would enable companies to successful integrate

Next, they can offer support from a technical side. Thanks to the Cardano protocol, they can offer technical
support in a wide range of aspects, including but not limited to releasing documentation for developers,
providing education and troubleshooting problems.

In terms of human resources, Emurgo is engaged in educational services in order to help develop client
talent. They also assist in establishing alliances with human resource departments and aid employees to
become experts in blockchain integration and management.

Emurgo’s staff consists of employees from 8 different countries, so they boast themselves with a global
network of people. They try to keep on top of new regulations regarding blockchain in every country of the
world, so they can help their clients navigate the shallow waters of blockchain rules and regulations.

Finally, Emurgo has developed a strong community around blockchain. The power of this community is
quite significant in the decentralized business. Their Cardano community is one of the biggest blockchain
communities in the world. They offer support on how to use SNS effectively and how to create local

Why is Emurgo Able to Provide Worldwide Support?

This growing company in Japan puts a lot of emphasis on recruitment. They hire people from various races
and countries, getting top talent from various industries and with different skills.

Additionally, they have solid technologies that are academically proven, plus they work with a global
network of business partners.

At the moment, they are providing four unique services to their global customers:

  1. System Development
  2. Education & Academy
  3. Accelerator & Investment
  4. Advisory Services

With Cardano, Emurgo is enabling traders to buy and sell ADA. They also enable their partners to use the
Daedalus Wallet and enjoy a multitude of blockchain security features integrated into this virtual wallet.

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