Cardano Updates April 2019

Cardano’s lead engineer Sebastien Guillemot recently made a relatively brief video to cover a wide range of topics. He talked about the latest news about Emurgo, Cardano, Yoroi and Ledger, as well as Cardano ecosystem in general. Here’s a brief breakdown of what he discussed in his video.


Guillemot reported that Cardano’s ADA is now fully integrated with the Ledger Nano S, and that many users are now taking their ADA off of exchanges and putting them in Ledger using Yoroi.

Furthermore, an open source library was also created to help users add Ledger support for their Cardano wallets, and to address certain issues that may appear in the future. Guillemot also discussed Ledger support features and the UI redesign, especially with regards to ADA Light 3.0

Cardano’s partnering with Ledger was intended to provide Cardano users with additional options and security features. Now that the integration is complete, users can now protect their assets without the help of third-party exchanges.


Guillemot talked briefly about a blog post on Yoroi’s security features, what makes it safe and how ledger and hardware wallets make Yoroi even more secure compared to prior versions.

Moreover, he also talked about some of Yoroi’s newer feature, including theme customization and sharing, and how these features will affect the Cardano ecosystem in the future.

Finally, Guillemot also touched on Yoroi’s growing user base, and how these changes relate to other updates to the Cardano ecosystem.

Community Events

On the less technical side of things, Guillemot also discussed a few community-related news. First off, he offered updates on Cardano’s outreach in Africa, especially with regards to the graduates in Ethiopia.

He also briefly talked about the Cardano community’s outreach, and how they are reaching out to or participating in new events. For example, Guillemot talked about the number of meetups happening all over the world and encouraged local people to organize their own meetups by reaching out to the wider Cardano community.

He also discussed the fact that the Cardano Foundation recently joined the European Commission’s International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA).

Finally, Guillemot also briefly discussed the upcoming IOHK Summit, which will be held later this month.


Another major part of Guillemot’s video discussed Plutus. He talked about the open source library and offered several important updates.

Firstly, he discussed a blog post on the Plutus Yesod Starter App, which can be used to develop Cardano Smart Contracts. Additionally, the blog post also includes an open source library for making user interface and websites with the help of Plutus.

Additional Plutus tutorials are also being made, and members of the open source community now have more examples and explanations to work with. Although the tutorials are still in the alpha stage, they offer plenty of value, so if you want to learn about Plutus then now is a good time to get started.

One of the most important lessons offered by the new tutorial system is multicurrency support, which teaches users how to create their own tokens and the rules around them. Anyone who’s interested in Plutus and Smart Contracts should monitor this tutorial system as new information may be added at any time.


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