EMURGO’s Cardano Progress

EMURGO’s Cardano Progress

Cardano’s growth is due to the support and promotion of several organizations, one of which is Ermugo. Emurgo aims to develop and support several commercial ventures by integrating them with Cardano’s decentralized blockchain system. This is done in two ways:


1 – Through direct investment into startups.


2 – By working with commercial stakeholders who are willing to use Emurgo’s blockchain technology to enhance their industries.

Investment into startups.

To achieve these goals, Emurgo has founded research and development institutions all across Asia, including Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and South Korea.


The first part of their community building strategy is to build up local infrastructure, so as to deploy capital to fund strategic projects that will help spread the use of the Cardano blockchain.


Furthermore, Emurgo has also expanded its various marketing projects. In the past three months, Emurgo’s site visitors have doubled, and they are now in the process of expanding their videos. Ermugo’s marketing team has also released new newsletters, and they are actively promoting Cardano-related YouTube channels to better reach out to a wider audience.


Emurgo’s YouTube channel is also creating new content about Cardano, including employee introduction series. These videos are intended to promote Cardano, its features and its future.


More importantly, Emurgo has also recently set up two new business units, the Emurgo Education Business Units in India and dLab Accelerator in New York. The Emurgo Education Business Units were set up to attract potential blockchain engineers by providing them training in blockchain technology.

Working with commercial stakeholders

On the other hand, the Accelerator program aims to integrate commercial groups and organizations into the Cardano blockchain community. According to Emurgo’s spokespersons, four new startups and three fellows have been added into the Accelerator Program. All of these startups and fellows revolve around blockchain technology and the adoption of Cardano.

Finally, Emurgo has also announced new Cardano road map updates, and their premier app, Yoroi, is now active and ready for download.

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