Q – What is the payment gateway?
A – PayPal is the payment gateway.

Q – What is required to start a vendors account?
A – To start a vendors account, you first must be a member on our site and fill out the form with a store name, physical address (resident/commercial), email, valid PayPal email, phone number and agree to term and conditions for vendors.

Q – Who is required to file taxes return?
A – The vendor is required to file their own tax returns.

Q – How much commission do vendors pay for sales and auctions?
A – Vendors pay only 8%

Q – When do vendors get pay?
A – Vendors get paid when the item is delivered.

Q – What shipping carries are available?
A – DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS

Q – Who is responsible for return policy?
A – The Blockchain Channel abides by our return policy but vendors are responsible for their own return policies and MUST make it clear on their product page.

Q – Can vendors sell/auction used products?
A – Yes but the vendor MUST specify to the buyer on the product page.

Q – What items are allowed to be sold/auctioned?
A – CPU’s, GPU’s, mobile/desktop computers, and servers.

Q – How many products are allowed?
A – Unlimited.

Q – Are these terms intended to last a lifetime?
A – No, see our Terms and Conditions page.

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