The IOHK summit 2019

The IOHK summit 2019 is only a few days away, and it promises to be one of the biggest benchmarks for Cardano and cryptocurrency in general. The summit will be held on April 17 and 18, in Miami, specifically at the Miami Convention Center, which had recently undergone extensive renovations.

The summit’s venue will feature the state of art facilities as well as ample room and seating arrangements for large amounts of people. Guests will also have access to entertainment, special accommodations and of course Miami Beach itself, which is within walking distance of the Convention Center. So if you’re interested in joining the IOHK Summit 2019 then here’s what you can expect from it.


  • A Collaborative Hackathon that will be hosted by IOHK Engineers
  • Workshops that will cover all areas of IOHK Development
  • Updates on Cardano and potentially Shelley. Plans for Cardano 2020 will also be covered.
  • A virtual reality exhibition for exploring the blockchain, and quite possibly other related technologies.
  • A cryptographic puzzle for participants to solve. The winner will receive a prize live at the summit.
  • Special on-the-scene interviews with several members of the Cardano Effect podcast.
  • A private concert for sponsors and attendees who bought platinum tickets.

Finally, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson will also make a special announcement. Many members of the Cardano community speculate that the announcement will cover Shelley as well as other important developments, including the latest updates on the Cardano roadmap. All in all, the IOHK Summit 2019 is shaping up to be a very active and very interesting event.


IOHK Summit 2019 is expected to cover a wide range of topics and issues. According to their website, speakers and guests will discuss crypto and blockchain related legislation, blockchains and the financial industry, the future of social networks as well as blockchain technology in the developing world.

However, the biggest issue for the event will be Cardano itself. Charles Hoskinson compared the IOHK Summit to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in the sense that both events were meant to be coming out parties.

“We’re gonna open ourselves up to the world and show the world what we’re doing,”


adding that the summit will also feature several important key speakers.

So it’s just a great opportunity to meet me the entire team; all of our engineers; all of our scientists and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,


In addition to the announcements, many Cardano investors are also speculating about a few surprises down the pipeline. Many in the Cardano community believe that Hoskinson will use the summit to release new information about Shelley, Yoroi and Ledger.

Finally, Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood are also expected to announce their plans for Cardano in 2020, and they are expected to offer updates on the Cardano roadmap. The roadmap is of particular interest, since the latest updates will help to explain what Hoskinson and his team are planning for the future.

Where to Get Tickets

You can find the tickets for the event at Take note, however, that the price of these tickets are increasing all the time, so if you’re planning to buy some then you should do it fast.

Interested parties have three options to choose from: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can get these tickets either online or at the event itself, though it’s worth mentioning that buying them off the internet, ahead of time, is significantly cheaper than buying them on site.

Silver tickets will allow you to enter the event on April 17 and 18. Gold tickets offer entrance to the summit as well as access to workshops, exhibitions and special VIP reception on April 17. Platinum tickets offer the same benefits as gold tickets, plus a dinner and VIP meeting with IOHK founders Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood.

Presently, the cost of a Silver ticket on the interest is $750 while the Gold ticket costs $1000 (also on the internet). When you buy these tickets at the event, however, they will cost $1200 and $1300 respectively. Platinum tickets have a fixed rate of $2,500, and they are of limited quantity.

The IOHK Summit 2019 is one of the most serious events in the cryptocurrency world, and many of those who attend this event may very well become some of the biggest names in the crypto world in the coming years.


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